Carpet Tools

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Even adhesive beads throughoutGold foil contains the heat for a perfect professional join4 inch wide
Has a folding D-ring fastener that is tensioned to stand up for easiest blade changing. When not in...
These Carpet Seaming Rollers apply pressure to carpet backing to help ensure a good bond with the hot...
EZ Moves are best for moving appliances and large furniture without legs. Their long length allows easy placement...
PTFE Carpet Heat Bond Iron, 120V, UL-listed, Heat Shield Prevents Backings From Overheating, 3-way Cord Guide, Stay-cool Handle,...
This kicker has an adjustable depth setting and features a pin plate with four rows of four hardened...
The original Carpet Tractor, can be used on all types of carpet, including hard to seam materials like...
The ROBERTS Loop Pile Carpet Cutter is designed for top and bottom cutting. The quick-release blade mechanism makes...
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